Why do we like our school?

On 14th October we celebrated the Day of the National Commision of Education. This is a holiday of all the teachers and students in Poland.

During the celebration teachers asked pupils to write a few sentences about why they like our school and what should be changed here. Here are the answers written by students of class 2a:

“Our school is great because there are some interesting extra classes and ICT lessons! Our headmaster should change computers – they are really old!” Wiktoria

“I like our school because we can learn a lot. And my favourite lessons are: English, RE, Polish, Maths, Music and ICT. I like being in the school club, too, but I like other lessons more. My favourite school days are Monday and Friday.” Otylia

“I like breaks the most, but they are too short. My favourite subjects are ICT, Polish and Maths.” Miłosz

“I want more homeworks and I want breaks and lessons to be longer!” Iza

“I want longer breaks, shorter lessons, more classes outside and more ICT!” Bartek

“I like my school because there is a playground and a big gym and a small gym and a computer room and a play room.” Magda

“Our school is great because we learn here. I only want to change one thing: the lessons should last 55 minutes, not 45!” Tobiasz

“Lessons should last 3 minutes and breaks should last 20 minutes.” Olek

“I want a better playground, more English classes, more ICT.” Marcel

“I like school because it’s nice. I want a new playground and… maybe a new school? Our school is the best ever!” Ewa

And what do YOU think about our school?


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