Lana Del Rey – by Hania P.


Lana Del Rey is a popular singer. Her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She was born in New York, in 1986. She is 27 years old. Her pseudonym is combination of Hollywood actress Lana Turner and car of brand of ford-Del Rey, this is replica of the classic model from the 60s, produced 30 years ago in Brazil.

Her longplay is „Born to die”. Her songs are: „Born to Die”, „Off to the Races”, „Blue Jeans”, „Video Games”, Diet Mountain Dew”, „National Anthem”, „Dark Paradise”, „Radio”, „Carmen”, Million Dollar Man”, „Summertime Sadness”, „ This Is What Makes Us Girls”.


My favourite songs are „Blue Jeans”, „Video Games” and „Summertime Sadness”.

Her songs don’t have a wise text, but her personality is very interesting. Lana Del Rey is a good singer.



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