November at our school.

Hi everyone!

This month is very hectic for our students. They take part in competitions in Polish, science, maths and history. Some of them prepare their performances for the English songs’ contest named “English is fun!”. It is organised in Zielona Góra, so we will have to leave our school for a whole day to take part! It’s very exciting! Two students from our school are also taking part in a declamatory contest in a town situated 40 kilometres from Zabór. What a great adventure!

Many students decided to improve their marks. We’ve got the end of the first semester in January, so there isn’t much time left to get better!

On Tuesday we will celebrate a Teddy Bear’s Day and on Thursday we are organising Saint Andrew’s Night. We will have a great fun!

Christmas cards made by our students. We’ve sent them to 14 foreign schools.

We celebrate Polish Independence Day.

Kaja and Kamil from class 3 prepare their song for SINGING IS FUN contest. In the next post I will show you the videos from preparations 🙂


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