London-by Hania P.

London is city in SOUTH-EAST of Great Britain. It’s capital of Great Britain and also of England. It’s located by the river Thames and it’s biggest city of Europe after Moscow and Istanbul. London is also biggest city of  European Union and one of the bigger cities in the world, both in the scale of the city and agglomeration.

The main tourist attractions are: Tower of London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Tate Modern, 30 St Mare Axe, White Tower, London Eye and more.

What is characterized by British kitchen:

– Frying. The most popular meal, which is fried  it’s traditional breakfast. In this there are: eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast.

– Roasting. In Great Britain they are very popular roasted meat, mainly beef, with roast potatoes and vegetables.

– Toasts. Bread very often is broiled. Is why in the shops mainly we will get cut rolling bread.

– Eggs. The main  component of the diet of most Britons. If does not appear in the version of “fry” is served cooked on sof or boiled.

– Potatoes. Great Britain is among the countries which consumed the biggest quantities of potatoes. Of course you should here mention the chips that you buy wrapped in newspaper together with the fish and the crisps.

– Fish & Chips. Known in the British Isles dish is deep fried fish served with chips. Extras are the various types of sauces and salads.

Meals in British culture


-a few slices of bacon,





-cereals and oats,



-fruit juices and tea or coffee.


-tea or cofee,








I love London.

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londyn 2

londyn 1

londyn 0

londyn 4londyn


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