Winter break in Poland.

Hello everyone!

How’s your winter break? It’s almost over – there are only three days left, so keep having fun and remember about setting your alarm clock on Sunday to wake up earlier on Monday 🙂

For our European friends: students in Poland have two longer breaks, when they don’t go to school. In summer we have summer holidays that last two months. Winter break is in January or February (it depends on part of Poland students live in) and lasts two weeks. This year our winter break is great, because there is lot of snow everywhere and children can spend time making a snowman or sledging or skiing.

Here are some photos of how we spend time during winter break in Poland:


Austria / Upper Austria / Dachstein-West 2008 / Familie Prantner



When there is a lot of snow, we organise sleighing parties. It’s a great way to spend a whole day outside with some friends. It’s also an interesting winter amusement for children living in the village. To organise a sleighing party, you only need a horse and some sledges:


We love winter break and it’s a pity it can’t be longer!


One thought on “Winter break in Poland.

  1. I wish we had winter breaks,too! In Greece we have summer holidays (2 months) and a Christmas and Easter break (each lasts 2 weeks).
    You’re so lucky to have had snow! I love the photos! I hope you enjoyed it to the full!

    (Monica, please replace Rose Fern’s comment with this one! I made a mistake of using my personal id! )

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