Ellie Goulding – by Hania P.

Ellie 3Ellie Goulding is popular singer and guitarist. She was born on 30th December 1986 in Hereford          in Great Britain. Ellie Goulding is really Elena Jane Goulding. Her songs are: “Under the Sheets”, “Wish I Stayed”, ” Roscoe”, “Guns and Horses”, “Starry Eyed”, “This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)”, “The Writer”, “Every Time You Go”, “Wish I Stayed”, “Your Biggest Mistake”, ” I’ll Hold My Breath”, “Salt Skin”, “Lights”, “Human”, “Little Dreams”, “Home”, “Animal”, “Believe Me”,                   “Anything Could Happen”, “I Need Your Love”, “Burn” and many other. My favourite her song is Burn. I like Ellie Goulding and her songs. I think she is very good. 

Ellie 1      Ellie 2       Ellie 0


Ellie 4     Ellie 5     Ellie 7     Ellie 8


Ellie 9    Ellie 10     Ellie 11     Ellie 12      Ellie 13    Ellie Goulding outside the the KISS FM studios


wywiad dla the grammy   ellie 14   Ellie 15   Ellie 18


Ellie 16   Ellie 24    Ellie 20


Ellie 25     Ellie 21     Ellie 17


Ellie 22    Ellie 19       Ellie Goulding

Autumn campaign of brand Marks & Spencer

Jesienna Kampania marki Marks & Spencer

Photo from wideo to Ellie’s song – “Burn”

Ellie Goulding - Burn




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