Paddington in our school.

Paddington arrived about two weeks before our winter holiday. He took part in three classes so far. During the first lessons students met the little bear, introduced themselves and learnt some interesting things about his new family – the Browns. Our literature teacher, Mrs Justyna, came to read aloud a chapter from the book about our hero. The second lesson was about the culture and traditions of Croatia – a country Paddington had visited before he came to Poland. We watched the gifts students from Croatia sent to us. We learnt the names of all countries participating in our project. Now we know how the flags of Romania, Iceland and Turkey look like! During the third lesson our headmistress visited us. She was amazed when she saw new clothes for Paddington designed by all the students. Children revised the names of clothes and had a lot of fun!

Here are some photos from our classes:

dzien3 dzien21 dzien22 dzien23 dzien24 dzien25 dzien26 dzien27 dzien28 dzien29 dzien31 dzien32 dzien33 dzien34 dzien35 dzien36 dzien37 dzien38 dzien39 dzien210 dzien211 dzien212 dzien213 dzien214


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