Iggy Azalea – by Hania P.

iggy 1Iggy Azalea’s real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly. She was born on 7th June 1990 in Sydney. She’s australian raper, songwriter and model. When she was 16, she travel to the USA. In September 2011, Iggy released her first full-lenght project – a mixtape called “Ignorant Art”. Two months later was appeared the music video for her song “My World”. Her the most popular songs are “Fancy” (with Charli XCX), “Bounce”, “Work” and “Problem”(with Ariana Grande).iggy 4





From “Fancy” music video:


iggy 2


iggy 3


Sia – by Hania P.

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is real name of Sia, also known as Sia Furler. She was born on 18th December 1975 in Adelaide. She is australian singer. Her new album is “1000 Forms Of Fear”. Her the most popular songs are “Titanium”, “Wild Ones” and “Chandelier”. My favourite her song is “Chandelier”.

sia 1

sia 2






Lorde – by Hania P.

Lorde’s real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. She was born on 7th November 1996 in Auckland. Lorde is from New Zealand and she’s singer. Her the most popular songs are: Royals, Team and Tennis Court. My favourite her song is Team and Royals, but I like also other. I like Lorde. She and her songs are amazing.

600full-lorde    images (1)    images (2)    images (7)images (3)    images (4)    images (5)    images (6)    images (8)    images (14)    images (9)    Lorde-Royals-video-still-thumb-284x300    pobrane (1)    images


Quiz about Harry Potter – by Hania P.

Question 6

What is the name of group which set up Harry, Ron and Hermiona, designed to teach defensive spells?

Would you like to know all answers? Write it in comments. I will try to write back.


Evanna Lynch – by Hania P.

Evanna Lynch is irish actress. She is 22 years old. Her the most popular role is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. She is one of my favourite actresses. 

luna - evanna       luna - evanna 1     Evanna     evanna 46    evanna 45     evanna 44    evanna 44     evanna 43     evanna 41    evanna 40    evanna 38    evanna 36     evanna 35    evanna 34    evanna 33     evanna 32      evanna 31    evanna 30    evanna 29    evanna 28     evanna 27    evanna 26     evanna 25    evanna 23    evanna 22   evanna 21    evanna 20    evanna 19     evanna 18    evanna 17     evanna 16    evanna 15    evanna 14    evanna 13    evanna 12     evanna 11    Evento harry Potter alla Galleria Alberto Sordi    evanna 9     evanna 8    evanna 5    evanna 4    evanna 3

With Katie Leung – she is Cho Chang in Harry Potter.

evanna and katie   evanna and katie 2   evanna and katie 1

With Bonnie Wright – she is in Harry Potter Ginny Weasley.

evanna and bonnie   evanna and bonnie 3   evanna and bonnie 1

With Bonnie Wright and Katie Leung.

evanna bonnie katie

With Emma Watson (Hermiona Granger) and Katie Leung.

evanna, emma    evanna, emma, katie

With Bonnie Wright and Emma Watson.

evanna, bonnie and emma

With other people from Harry Potter.

evanna and other people from harry potter    evanna and other people from harry potter 1

With Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) on set of movie Harry Potter.

on set of movie harry potter


I think she is very good actress.





Ellie Goulding – by Hania P.

Ellie 3Ellie Goulding is popular singer and guitarist. She was born on 30th December 1986 in Hereford          in Great Britain. Ellie Goulding is really Elena Jane Goulding. Her songs are: “Under the Sheets”, “Wish I Stayed”, ” Roscoe”, “Guns and Horses”, “Starry Eyed”, “This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)”, “The Writer”, “Every Time You Go”, “Wish I Stayed”, “Your Biggest Mistake”, ” I’ll Hold My Breath”, “Salt Skin”, “Lights”, “Human”, “Little Dreams”, “Home”, “Animal”, “Believe Me”,                   “Anything Could Happen”, “I Need Your Love”, “Burn” and many other. My favourite her song is Burn. I like Ellie Goulding and her songs. I think she is very good. 

Ellie 1      Ellie 2       Ellie 0


Ellie 4     Ellie 5     Ellie 7     Ellie 8


Ellie 9    Ellie 10     Ellie 11     Ellie 12      Ellie 13    Ellie Goulding outside the the KISS FM studios


wywiad dla the grammy   ellie 14   Ellie 15   Ellie 18


Ellie 16   Ellie 24    Ellie 20


Ellie 25     Ellie 21     Ellie 17


Ellie 22    Ellie 19       Ellie Goulding

Autumn campaign of brand Marks & Spencer

Jesienna Kampania marki Marks & Spencer

Photo from wideo to Ellie’s song – “Burn”

Ellie Goulding - Burn