We wish you a Merry Christmas videoconference

Two weeks before Christmas 2nd class students took part in a video meeting with their peers from Akrata, Greece. Children were introducing themselves and talking about Christmas. They also sang beautiful Christmas carols in Polish and Greek. Here are some photos from the meeting.

Dwa tygodnie przed Bożym Narodzeniem uczniowie klasy drugiej wzięli udział w internetowym spotkaniu z rówieśnikami z Akraty w Grecji. Dzieci opowiadały o sobie, rozmawiały też przez chwilę o nadchodzących świętach. Na koniec zaśpiewały piękne kolędy po polsku i grecku. Oto kilka zdjęć z tego spotkania.

video1     video3 video4




The summary of videoconference with Spain

The videoconference with Spain was our last meeting before summer holidays. We decided to call it “the Closing Party”, because its aim was to sum up our eTwinning project “Dear Diary”.

We had a great time together: we were singing songs, dancing and describing things we thought to be interesting for our foreign friends. Students from Prats de Llucanes were really well-prepared: they were singing and playing instruments, they also told us a lot about themselves. We loved the song they wrote especially for our project. We think they are all very talented.

Here are some photos from our meeting:




And here is the “thank-you” video made by Hania, who was the leader of Polish team. We sent this video to our Spanish friends:

Thank you, Spanish team! Our meeting was wonderful! 🙂

Getting ready to videoconference!

Today we’re taking part in a videoconference with our friends from Prats de Llucanes, Spain. We’re really excited!

We prepared a lot of things. We want to sing a Polish song and dance a traditional Polish dance called polonez. We also baked some cupcakes – they’re delicious! We’ll serve them with whipped cream and two of us will describe their passion for cooking and baking. Our headmistress will come to greet Spanish students and to watch the meeting. It will be a wonderful experience!

The conference starts at 11:45. We can’t wait, although we’re a little bit nervous! Wish us good luck!

Red velvet cupcakes with roses

A videochat with Greek students.

HOORAY!!! We did it!

On Monday, 17. December, we had a videochat with our friends from Akrata, Greece. It was so exciting! We used SKYPE to communicate. We started with introducing everyone and then we talked about winter, winter sports, Christmas and New Year. We learnt many new things about how our friends celebrate Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. We loved the carol they sang for us.
Headmasters from our schools took part in the chat, too. They wished everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and said they hope to meet again.

Dear students from Akrata, it was wonderful to talk with you! We are looking forward to the next meeting!

konferencja grecja 1