We wish you a Merry Christmas videoconference

Two weeks before Christmas 2nd class students took part in a video meeting with their peers from Akrata, Greece. Children were introducing themselves and talking about Christmas. They also sang beautiful Christmas carols in Polish and Greek. Here are some photos from the meeting.

Dwa tygodnie przed Bożym Narodzeniem uczniowie klasy drugiej wzięli udział w internetowym spotkaniu z rówieśnikami z Akraty w Grecji. Dzieci opowiadały o sobie, rozmawiały też przez chwilę o nadchodzących świętach. Na koniec zaśpiewały piękne kolędy po polsku i grecku. Oto kilka zdjęć z tego spotkania.

video1     video3 video4




Quiz about Harry Potter – by Hania P.

Question 6

What is the name of group which set up Harry, Ron and Hermiona, designed to teach defensive spells?

Would you like to know all answers? Write it in comments. I will try to write back.



This year class 2 will be taking part in two interesting projects. The first one is a short project about Christmas. The eight-year-old students are going to organise a videochat, create some Christmas cards and make some videos with carols and wishes. Maybe it doesn’t seem to be very demanding, but for our young students it will be the first project – they are very excited, but they also feel a bit unsure.

The second project is very friendly. Thanks to it children will have an opportunity to meet the adventures of a bear named Paddington. We will make beautiful decorations connected with this famous bear, we are also going to watch some movies and play amazing games. We will make some gifts for our friends from partner schools, too 🙂


Description of TWINBRIDGES project.

Our team was really busy last month! We started a new project with our friends from Prats de Llucanes (Spain) and Burdur (Turkey). Its name is TWINBRIDGES. All the students from the three schools were divided into groups so that there are six mixed groups now:

1 – Hania + Kaja + Júlia C. + Guillem+Hüseyin+İlyas
2 – Wiktoria R. + Martyna + Kamil + Youns + Jordi N.+Aliyenur+Emine
3 – Mirella + Wiktoria B. + Wojtek + Judit + Pau+Vesile+Oğuzhan
4 – Malwina + Oliwia + Aya + Marc+Ahmet Harun+Mehmet
5 – Eunika + Klaudia + Artiom + Júlia N. + Xavier+Derya+Kevser
6 – Dorota + Dominika + Oskar + Ramon + Jordi V.+Ayşe / Seyza+Cansu

Then, we organised a welcome videoconference to introduce new students and present the groups. At the end of October all the students started creating their propositions for a logo of our new project (Polish students are finishing their designs now).

TWINBRIDGES will be much more demanding for the students than DEAR DIARY was. Firstly, pupils are working in groups consisting of 2-3 students from each country. Secondly, we want to use new tools, like Audacity and comic makers. Finally, in our new project we are focusing on communication, not only through the Internet, but also through the traditional post. It is helpful especially for younger students – it’s easier for them to experience new things with as many senses as possible.

Here are the main advantages of our project:
– we encouraged younger students to join the last year’s team – thanks to them the results of our work will be more diverse, because younger students perceive many things in a different way than the older do; in each group there is one younger and one experienced student from each country so that young participants do not feel unsure;

– we decided to use multisensory teaching techniques – students will not only see the words written in e-mails or presentations, they will be able to touch, smell and examine things coming from different parts of Europe in parcels and they will have an opportunity to hear real voices of their foreign friends;

– we give students an opportunity to work with people they know as well as to integrate with students from other schools by group work – the project supports both internal and external integration (younger students integrate with the older ones; students from different countries can meet themselves and their culture better, because they have the same interlocutors during the project – they can work at their own pace, independently of other groups)

– students LOVED the project and they are looking forward to new tasks to complete!


Evanna Lynch – by Hania P.

Evanna Lynch is irish actress. She is 22 years old. Her the most popular role is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. She is one of my favourite actresses. 

luna - evanna       luna - evanna 1     Evanna     evanna 46    evanna 45     evanna 44    evanna 44     evanna 43     evanna 41    evanna 40    evanna 38    evanna 36     evanna 35    evanna 34    evanna 33     evanna 32      evanna 31    evanna 30    evanna 29    evanna 28     evanna 27    evanna 26     evanna 25    evanna 23    evanna 22   evanna 21    evanna 20    evanna 19     evanna 18    evanna 17     evanna 16    evanna 15    evanna 14    evanna 13    evanna 12     evanna 11    Evento harry Potter alla Galleria Alberto Sordi    evanna 9     evanna 8    evanna 5    evanna 4    evanna 3

With Katie Leung – she is Cho Chang in Harry Potter.

evanna and katie   evanna and katie 2   evanna and katie 1

With Bonnie Wright – she is in Harry Potter Ginny Weasley.

evanna and bonnie   evanna and bonnie 3   evanna and bonnie 1

With Bonnie Wright and Katie Leung.

evanna bonnie katie

With Emma Watson (Hermiona Granger) and Katie Leung.

evanna, emma    evanna, emma, katie

With Bonnie Wright and Emma Watson.

evanna, bonnie and emma

With other people from Harry Potter.

evanna and other people from harry potter    evanna and other people from harry potter 1

With Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) on set of movie Harry Potter.

on set of movie harry potter


I think she is very good actress.